Investor FAQs

Dividend Reinvestment FAQ

What is your symbol and on what exchange do you trade?
Who is the transfer agent for Aqua America's common stock?
What is the toll-free number?
Who can invest in the Plan?
What is the minimum and maximum you can invest?
Is there a discount on the purchase of the stock?
Are there any fees to participate in the Plan?
Where do I send my check?
When is the stock purchased?
How do I sell my stock?
When will the stock be sold and at what price?
Does Aqua America offer an IRA?
Frequently asked questions by registered shareholders

Stock Split FAQ

How many times has Aqua America stock split?
What are the key dates for the upcoming stock split?
How does a stock split actually work?
Are there any personal income tax consequences as a result of Aqua America's stock splits?
Should I have received an updated share certificate following a split?
Where are shareholder notices from Aqua America mailed?
How do I contact the Stock Transfer Agent?
My shares are held by a brokerage firm. How do my shares get adjusted for a stock split?
How does a stock split affect the number of shares outstanding and the future calculation of earnings per share?